In addition to the capital of the horse race, the online education enterprises in the artificial intelligence of the layout, and the obvious surface of the competition. C diff confers a higher risk of morbidity and mortality in immunocompromised patients.

  "Don't be unhappy,"? V's science education LiHaoYang expressed in the white-hot competition, eager entrepreneurs, he began to notice in 2014 "adaptive" teaching, and then through using Knewton companies in the United States (the first apply artificial intelligence technology to "adaptive learning" online education institutions) teaching experience, set up within a few months? V learn education, create an artificial intelligence learning product "squirrel AI".

  The battle for AI education is becoming more and more fierce. In 2015, hujiang launched the intelligent navigation system, and in September 2016, it officially launched the smart class, featuring smart testing and optimizing students' learning path. In the field of intelligent search problem constantly cultivates students with excellent grades you use artificial intelligence to strengthen image recognition function, achieve a more accurate title identification, and give the corresponding knowledge point label on the target on each question, easy to recommend to students in need. VIPKID, a rising star, adopts the technology of face recognition and emotion recognition in teaching to realize accurate grasp of user data.Study abroad with PolyU and study in Hong Kong - PolyU is known as one of the best universities in hong kong for international students and Hong Kong is one of the best study abroad locations. PolyU will be the right choice for you.

  "The deployment of the AI learning system, for learners and teachers, is no longer a new thing, it's not a fancy new technology, it's an essential thing." "If you don't use AI and don't use the adaptive learning system, your learning will lose competitiveness," said wang feng, founder and chief executive, at the education conference in GES2017.

  The larger the AI education, the online education labeled with artificial intelligence, what has changed?

  Assignment: online education AI play.

  "Machine learning, to some extent, is labeled as artificial intelligence." Students with excellent grades you partner, chief scientist Chen Ruifeng told reporters, the China youth daily, middle online after years of exploration and development of artificial intelligence research has made some progress, which represented by depth study of the technical breakthrough also started to enter the industry application period, it became a major premise of education touch AI.

  Looking at many AI education innings, these three types of play are essential: through big data, we can eliminate the blind area of knowledge points. To provide personalized recommendation according to their aptitude; Real-time feedback, intimate interaction with teachers.Financial benefits- Pharmaceutical companies like provides great sources for balancing cash flow by minimizing inventory costs.

  "Many of our textbooks are out of touch with reality; Today's teacher gives examples, and what the teacher taught him more than a decade ago is a set of things. The class is still that class, the lecture is still like that, the change is the blackboard turn the screen, the face gives the live broadcast, it really improved education level and the study efficiency?" The bottleneck of traditional education is the problem of chestnut in the start-up period. In the past, he thought, teaching mode, teacher's teaching mode is "one-to-many" and more to the knowledge of linear propulsion, cannot be based on students' acceptance and study habits according to their aptitude.

  However, the development of AI technology enabled him to see the infinite possibilities of combining education with artificial intelligence in the future. He started with big data and tried to break down the barriers between knowledge points in traditional education. According to chestnut,? V learn education "squirrel" AI system will first knowledge to the students at full scan, "such as the student's understanding of conjunction has a problem, we will be representational to him is the conjunction of attributive clause don't understand." For example, he USES AI algorithm to detect students' mastery of knowledge points in a relatively short period of time, and then make special video explanations, special exercises and special tests for blind areas.Cash in HK: CCB(Asia)’s offer on personal installment loans (p loans) has given you an option to enjoy high liquidity with low monthly flat rate. Apply online now to receive up to HK$3,500 cash rebates and supermarket coupons.

  Using the data from the big to get through between logic and cognitive knowledge points, will learn all the knowledge of the subjects split combination, new knowledge map construction, through test to test students' weak points, in break up, so that they can make students master all knowledge quickly. This is the "first round" of the online education industry.

  The intelligent guidance system of hujiang's school is the first one. Nanchang university seniors Chen Sijie study in hj online school for three years, experience, she says, "(test) after finish above were reflected in curriculum of right and wrong, I think you won't have to chose some lessons. Because before the smart curriculum came out, there were some courses that the teachers were talking about, but I was quite familiar with them.