Peppered with cranes, the city - or building site to be more accurate - lies one-and-a-half hour's drive north of Jeddah between the Red Sea and scrubby desertreenex hong kong.

Its future depends on balancing the complex and evolving transport, health, education, housing and employment requirements of the city's projected two million residents.
A computer model of how the city should look when finished The new city will cost $100bn to completereneex

According to Fadi Al-Rasheed, the managing director of Emaar Economic City, the publicly traded Saudi company that runs the entire KAEC project, the new generation of Saudis expect a city that matches the modern lifestyle they have grown used to while studying abroad.

"We're building with the 65% of the population who are under 30 in mind," he explains. "And we have almost 200,000 Saudis studying abroad. Inevitably they are going to change things when they come back."

These statistics are compounded by the fact that more women than men graduate from university. These changing demographics are bringing with them new social demands that will likely revolutionise how the country developsreenex cps.